In other news

I broke my foot the day after my last post. I should probably write about that story, I’ve certainly told it enough times. It’s on the mend, and it’s gong slower than my doctor would like. I’m now (finally) in a walking cast and using a single crutch, but I want to see about switching to a cane.

The boys are doing well. Trouble is sleeping through the night and eating solid foods. Big Trouble loves being an older brother, and has been amazingly helpful during the last few weeks while I’ve been semi-out-of commission due to the broken foot.

I picked up “Spore” for the PC and “The Force Unleashed” for the Wii recently. I haven’t much of either, but I am (mostly) enjoying them. I just got to the Act I / Act II transition in TFU. I must say that is an interesting plot development/twist the writers snuck in there. (Not going to spoil it for anyone that stumbles across this post.)

My foot hurts – I think I need to go take some advil and a calcium supplement.

I’ve lost something

June 11th was when I first noticed something missing, and I started collecting data to keep track of what I’ve lost. (“Keep track of what I’d lost,” if it’s lost how does one keep track?)

As of this morning I’ve lost about 20 of these things altogether. Some days, I find one or two have turned up, but then I just go and lose them again. When all is said and done, I expect 74 of these things to stay lost forever. So far, its going well.

His Auntie would be so proud.

I haven’t been posting much about Justin’s growth and development here lately. (I’m also woefully behind with the whole picture posting thing.)

frostedlexicharm has been posting lots about eil and boy wonder, and I don’t want our blogs to turn into an “oh yeah well my baby does…” battle. I know they probably wouldn’t, but hey- better safe than sorry.

Anyway, he’s doing well. If anyone want’s more details I might summarize recent events in a comment, or something.

Now to address the title of this entry. Spinach and Justin do not get along well. His aunt (my sister) would be so proud. Maybe. You see, he seems to like it just fine, (unlike his aunt.) The problem is that his face and arms break out in a mild rash when we feed it to him. So we’ll back off on spinach for now and try again at a later time.

i wonder what we should introduce next.

LOOK OUT! Brand new Dad With a Camera!

Name: Justin Douglas Belknap
Born: 3:32 am August 29, 2004
Weight: 7 lbs 9 oz
Length: 20″

I don’t have much time to post. Mom and baby are still at the hospital, and I’ll be heading back down there after I get a few things taken care of at the house. We’re staying one more night, and bringing Justin home tomorrow.

I’ll try to write a longer entry in a few days. But as promised, here are some pictures:

More to come as I sort through the rest of the shots on the digital camera, and get the shots from the film camera developed and scanned in (or put on cd by the photo place, more likely)

You can see the rest of the album here

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Infant CPR and other ramblings

I had an infant and child CPR class today. 4hrs – non certification. I think it went rather well, once I figured out when and where the class was being held. (Heck I even got there *almost* on time. All I missed was the instructor introducing herself.)

I only had about 4hrs of sleep last night, (this morning if you want to pick nits,) and an 1.5 hr nap between getting home from the class and leaving for work. I’m really starting to feel it now. Caffinated beverages (and a quiet lab full of machines behaving themselves) are my friends.

Tomorrow has been decreed a day of cleansing. The house will be ready for a baby to be brought home. So it was written, so it shall come to be.

And lest I forget, the Wierd Al concert is tomorrow evening, yay! All work and no play (and no sleep) makes Hool a grumpy father-to-be.

Ok, enough rambling.

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Small Scare

Saturday night, Jenny and I did not have a nice peaceful dinner at home like we planned. Instead, we discovered just how long it takes to drive from home to the hospital we’re planning to deliver in. (About 25 minutes door-to-door in medium-light traffic.) We also got a “dry-run” of the check-in procedure and a look at the birthing center. All very good things. I just wish we hadn’t have needed to do all that this weekend.

The sudden change in plans was brought on by some abnormal bleeding. When Jenny called the after-hours number for her OB-GYN, they wanted her to come down immediately for an evaluation. We were worried, (obviously) but the hospital staff was wonderful, everything worked out, and mom and baby are both okay.

I feel really good about the place – and the doctor – we’ve picked out.