Gossip: Feedapalooza bug report

The City of Heroes Game Updates Feed hasn’t updated since 09.18.04

I think I asked this before, is there a contact link on the feedapalooza blog for reporting problems that I should be using?


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4 thoughts on “Gossip: Feedapalooza bug report”

  1. This on the feedapalooza journal, but yeah, it wasn’t instantly apparent what you should do. Perhaps a link straight from the feedapalooza front page G?

  2. Yeah, might be a good idea. I’ll try to remember to update the site. 🙂

    Feed should be working again by now. Seems like there was a server hiccup on their end.

  3. I’m still seeing the following items in the City of Herores / Updates feed:

    1. Feedapalooza: a message from the maintainer
    2. Feedapalooza: a message from the maintainer #3
    3. 09.18.04
    4. 09.18.04
    5. 09.17.04

    There have been 4 updates since 09.18.04 and the most recent update was 10.19.04

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