Some jokes never die…

So I was looking at some different Mozilla resources today when I came across this little gem.

When I took a look at the “registration” page, I thought of Gossip.

realizes that last statement could be misinterpreted – but doesn’t really care. It’s funnier this way.

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10 thoughts on “Some jokes never die…”

  1. Ya, old joke from the early days of

    and yes there really is a libpr0n module in Mozilla.

    (EDIT; silly shift0KeY is GeTTing in The Way)

    Edited on Aug 15th 2002, 22:22 by Hooloovoo

  2. One day, you’ll not suspect anything, a bit box will arrive with the mail, and it will contain a live goat, and then have fun explaining that to your wife.

    And I will sit here and laugh while I watch the livestream that’s sent from a hidden cam inside the box. πŸ˜›

  3. put a goats head next to him in bed when he´s sleeping =)

    that will scare the jinky´s out of him =P

    Note how i said Jinky´s like in Scooby Doo =P

  4. ROTFLMAO @5

    Thanks man, I needed that.

    wonders what Dana would think if she came home to find Gossip watching said live feed.


    Edited on Aug 17th 2002, 01:19 by Hooloovoo

  5. i thought it would be more like….

    Gossip: “Hi honey”
    Dana:”Hey! are you watching porn movie´s again?”
    Gossip:”oh no thats just Hoolo… -_- Oh My god!!
    Dana:”AAAH! Whats he doing to that poor goat??????!!!!!!”

    Gossip makes a leap to the remote control

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