Jul 12th 2002, 17:59 GMT

Leave it to Penny Arcade to, well – just go read it, I found it funny.

For a long time I’ve considered myself a Mac User stuck in a PC User’s body. When I was younger, the first computer in my home was a Macintosh Perfoma. (Well, actually it was a Commodore 64, followed by a Solaris PC clone of some sort, but the first computer I used to actually DO things with, like write reports and go online and such was a Mac.) And my High School Graduation presont was a Mac Powerbook.

When I spent WAY too much money on a Graphic Artist program at some trade school, we were on Macs. When I got my first REAL job in the computer industry, I had to start using PCs. (Thank god my roommate at the time had a Windows box.) The fact that most of the programs I was using on a daily basis work pretty much the same on PC as Mac (PhotoShop, Illustrator, etc) made the switch relativly painless. Because of this, the first computer I bought after I moved out of my parent’s house was a PC.

I now use a PC predominatly, (both at work and at home,) but I do have an iMac at work for testing purposes.

I’d like to have a Mac at home – as a second computer, (and a linux box as a third,) but I do so many more things with my PC, (not the least of which is play games,) that I wouldn’t want to switch over to one permanently. I want to use both, (or rather all three PC/Mac/Linux) each for it’s particular strengths.

I don’t understand why so many people feel it HAS to be one or the other.

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  1. Well, on the one hand, you’re right, it doesn’t have to be one or another.

    What makes people choose is the upgrading/useability war. You wanna know why so many folks have either a PC and a *nix machine, or a Mac and a *nix machine? Easy, no matter what hardware you have, there’s a *nix that will run on it. So there’s no drive to upgrade. In addition, most *nixes will provide you with funtionality that no common household Win or Mac OS will, meaning it’s a real bonus. Meanwhile, Mac and Win move closer and closer to one another, meaning having one of each isn’t really much of a bonus.

    Both Apple and Microsoft know this. It’s just how they handle it that’s different. MS is the big dog. They’re on top and they know it. So they just chug merrily along. Apple has been on the ropes before, and fights tooth and nail to stay standing. So they’re aggressive, insulting of the competition, and try REALLY hard to look for ways to improve their product. In a lot of ways, they’ve done just that: before OS X, I wouldn’t have considered a Mac for anything except *maybe* a cheap laptop.

    That’s my 2 cents (plus tip) šŸ™‚

  2. Mac = Graphics. Good graphical editing… i want one for that reason.

    Trying to get me to convert completely to Mac from PC is just utterly fooking rediculous.

  3. [Quote] Leave it to Penny Arcade to, well – just go read it, I found it funny. [Quote]

    tee hee…. elitist asshole… heh

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