Jul 12th 2002, 20:14 GMT

I’m playing with a new feature for hooloovoo.net: Alternate Style Sheets. Right now the implementation only works on Mozilla, (or NS 6+… I think.) and the feature is only on the index page, and only the “Greys” style sheet is different from the default.

As soon as I’m done with the “Reds” and “Greens” versions, I’ll add the feature to the rest of the pages. Then I’ll set up a way for IE folks to choose alternate views. I know it’s possible — I’ve seen it work on other sites, I just havent’ researched that piece yet.

Update1- Blues, Reds, Greens, and Greys are all updated. Next up, multiple page implementation…

Update2- You can now choose an alternate style sheet on every page. Next up, getting the site to remember your choice…

Update3- I found a style sheet switcher on A List Apart. you can now use the “site-theme” box to change the style sheets… AND it sets a persistent cookie to remeber the preference, (which works when swithing styles using the veiw menu in Mozilla too.)

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3 thoughts on “Jul 12th 2002, 20:14 GMT”

  1. Yes – exactly like themes, but using the alternate style sheet feature to do it. Mozilla users can now use the menu “View:Use Style” to select one of 4 color sets + a “naked” (unstyled version) of my homepage.

  2. Hehe – the site now updates themes in IE and Moz, (proably opera too, but I haven’t checked.) It also remebers your choice across multiple pages/site visits.

    NS 4.x users are out of luck.

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