I can’t beleive I just did that….

I was trying to fix messed up record in our in-house MySQL database. I ran an update command and forgot use a where clause to specify the id of the record I was trying to fix. MySQL very happily went along and made the change to every rocord in the database.

Long story short, I fixed the record – and messed up 16389 others.


I’m waiting for a call back from the resident DB guru to see if he can help me fix this.

Man, this is bad.

Still alive…

but busy.

Justin is doing well – pictures on the gallery site updated occasionally.

Jenny and I are adjusting to be being parents. Lack of sleep is so far the most difficult part. I’m sure new challenges await.

Back at work – some new projects, and a few new people, but mostly the same as before I Ieft.

When not working, taking care of family or sleeping (ha, sleeping – that’s a good one), I spend most of my time playing City of Heroes.

ok – bubye

Movies ‘n’ Games

The company I work for is going to see HPatPoA. Chutta is wearing a “Muggle” shirt I found at Hot Topic. He was pestering me about playing CoH a while back, and I was bugging him about joining in on our CosPlay. Finally agreed that if I started Playing CoH, he would wear the “Muggle” shirt.

Since he wasn’t able to go with us Sunday night, I dropped it off with his GF at home this afternoon. She’s going to make sure he wears it to work today.

I should probably mention this

I am no longer working as a contractor for my current employeer. I was hired as a full time employee and promoted to a brand new position within the group I’m a part of; A position with responsibilities remarkably similar to what I’ve been doing for the last few months, anyway.

The change in emplyment status went into effect Wednesday, although I’m not certain my contracting agency is aware fo that yet.

Sometimes re-orgs are a good thing. 🙂

Network Outage

Why does crap always go wrong when I’m the one left “in charge”? And why does it always happen around midnight? I don’t like waking people up to tell them they need to come in and fix something. But then again, that’s why they’re on-call.

At least its not the same project as last week.

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You ever get that feeling that you’ve done something before?

I’m feeling that way at work right now. We just finished restarting a project because of a server failure, for the second time this week. For those of you playing along at home, this is the 3rd time this project has been started. (Last time we lost almost 2 weeks of work. This time, we lost about 3 days.) Same project, same kind of failure, different server. (If I’m not mistaken this was the replacement hardware that was set up after the last failure.)

would rather be home smashing stupid badguys in City of Heroes.

That reminds me… Gossip, if you read this – can we get a “Games / MMOGs / COH” category?

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Readjusting sleeping patterns

I’ve agreed to work “nights” for the time being. 15:00-02:00, Wed.-Sat. beginning this week. I have a couple of days to get used to staying up this late.

I don’t kow how long this schedule is going to last. This will be easier than when I had to get to bed by 20:00 because I was working an early morning shift, that’s for sure.

I think its time for me to go to bed. This post took way more time to write than it should have.